Serge Narkevich

Serge has more than 15 years of professional experience in banking and finance including strategic and operational management of business units dealing with sales and customer service, strategic development, and business transformation, as well as participation in scientific research projects.

Serge took active part in the realization of large-scale strategic projects including:
Direct development, approval, implementation, and control of the strategy of one of the largest banks in Russia Dozens of projects on strategy in the financial and banking sphere, oil and gas industry, retail business, agricultural business Creation and operational management of the centers for sales and customer service in several large banks

Representative projects:
Creation and implementation of the development strategy of one of the largest banks in Russia in 2013-17
Participation in the development of strategy of a large agricultural businesses in 2016
Complex analysis of the key devilment trends of the global financial market in the areas of business-models, regulation, and technologies (fintech)
Market analysis and forecast of the finance and banking sector in Russia Realization of scientific research projects in the areas of regulation of the economy and banking sector

Education: Gaidar Institute for economic Policy, Ph.D.; Belarusian State University, economist

Andrew Yashin

Andrew Yashin Andrew has 15 years of experience in strategic analytics and consulting. His main interest areas are IT and HiTech.
He has worked for companies such as Samsung, Strategy Partners, Cisco Systems and IDC.
Education: NSEAD MBA; St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University

Maria Baranova

Maryia has over 7 years of experience in the development of project initiatives in high-tech areas. Responsibilities included: analytical reviews, identifying problems, setting goals and objectives, writing reporting materials and professional articles, as well as directly participating in projects as a supervisor, executive and researcher. Since 2019, she has been taking part in strategic consulting projects.

Maryia took part in the implementation of various projects: International projects for the development and creation of high-tech products; Preparation of successful commercial offers for large telecommunication companies; Implementation of some tasks in the field of strategic consulting.

Representative projects:
Development of project documentation, supervision of a some area in the international project on the creation of microelectronics components in 2017-19;
Research of market needs and the formation of a commercial proposal for the development and creation of a high-tech product for a telecommunications company in 2018;
Development of services areas provided by a consulting company in 2019.

Education: Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Master of Science